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Transport services for elderly people with mobility problems are invaluable, because they help them to remain independent and avoid isolation. There are many community transport services provided by the voluntary sector throughout the country which offer transport arrangements such as regular transport to supermarkets or shopping centres. Dial-a-Ride is wheelchair accessible assisted transport for people who are unable to use public transport. Volunteer car drivers can assist older people too, particularly those living in rural areas, and may help by providing transport for medical appointments. Shopmobility schemes generally offer loan of wheelchairs or scooters, and most require registration. Free bus travel throughout England is available to older people, and the senior railcard provides discounts for rail travel. The UK Blue Badge scheme allows people with severe mobility problems to park close to where they need to go. Hospitals may help with non-emergency patient transport. Elderly people in receipt of Direct Payments could use this to fund the cost of necessary transport.

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