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Home from hospital services provide short term practical help for elderly people returning to their home after a period in hospital. These are designed to help people re-adjust to living at home again, gain in confidence, and provide short term practical help after hospital discharge.

The assistance provided can include help with dressing, undressing, and personal hygiene, fetching shopping or prescriptions, going to the post office or bank for you, accompanying you to hospital, GP, optician or hairdresser appointments, liaising with a range of other services on your behalf, providing essential food on the day of discharge from hospital, helping you sort out any paperwork or bills, arranging for furniture to be moved around, offering a friendly chat, encouraging you to take medication, and possibly giving benefits advice.

These services offer after care visiting immediately after discharge from hospital especially for older people who live alone. Home care after a hospital stay services aim to make sure that you can go home and live safely. Home care after a hospital stay services provides time limited services for patients returning home from hospital after illness, surgery or accident. Many elderly people are fit to return home, but need some assistance with personal care and/or other support in the early days of discharge to regain their confidence and strength. At the end of the short term help, people are often able to remain at home without any further help.

A range of different organisations provide short term home from hospital services for older people including health care organisations, local authority adult social care services , the voluntary sector, and commercial home care organisations. Many providers do not charge for the short term help, although commercial companies do charge for their services.

Discharge from hospital should always be planned and arranged by a team which will include, or have links with, Social Services and Health (the Primary Care Trust). Patients and their carers should be given adequate warning of the precise date and time of leaving hospital. There should be contingency planning for Friday afternoon or weekend discharges, and the home of a patient living alone should be properly prepared for their return. A range of services may be provided that will help you recover when you leave hospital. These could be Therapists, Care Assistants or Nurses which can be provided in your own home.

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Home from hospital services provide extra support to elderly people who have been discharged home from hospital following surgery, ill health, or an accident. They are short term aftercare services for people when they return home from hospital, and can offer flexible short term practical help to assist with most day-to-day tasks, such as emotional support, food preparation, shopping, laundry, light domestic duties, and help with claiming benefits and form filling. Most services last for no more than a few weeks, and are provided for older people by different organisations such as Health services, Adult Social Care Services, voluntary agencies and commercial companies. Discharge from hospital services help older people to regain confidence and re-adjust to living at home.


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