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Day Centres provide support and friendship for isolated, housebound older people, including people living with dementia. The day centres work on the basis that there are older members of each community who, for various reasons, now find themselves less able to get out unaccompanied but still have the desire to enjoy a day out, share a cooked lunch and join in the activities of the centres which provide the opportunity to spend quality time with others. Day centres make an important contribution to community awareness by acting as a preventative measure for problems caused by lack of social contact and stimuli. Our day centres allow older people to continue to lead an independent life by allowing members choice, control, independence and dignity through various activities and events provided. Members have many opportunities to contribute to the life of the day centre, through activities that encourage self-esteem and self-fulfilment.

Becoming forgetful does not necessarily mean that a person has dementia so it is worth discussing concerns with your GP. Making a diagnosis of dementia is often difficult, particularly in the early stages, so GPs will often refer to a Memory Clinic for assessment. Memory Clinics operate throughout the county at main community locations and offer assessment, support, information and advice to those with memory problems and their carers.
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