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Age Scotland information (2)Age Scotland information (2)

Information for older people provided by Age Scotland. Includes factsheets, books, articles, audio tapes, videos, websites. Either download online below, or order directly from the Age Scotland.

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  • Information provided by Age Scotland

    Private tenants' rights

    This factsheet provides information on rights for those living in private rented accommodation, including rights to remain in the home, the landlord's duty to carry out repairs and how rents can be in...

  • Information provided by Age Scotland

    Property Law Reform & Retirement Housing

    An overview of Scottish legislation, i.e. Abolition of the Feudal tenure (Scotland) Act 2000, The Title Conditions (Scotland) Act 2003, & The Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004 effective on 28th November 2...

  • Information provided by Age Scotland

    Rights for council and housing association tenants

    Basic information about the rights of council and housing association tenants, including security of tenure, re-possession, improvements, repairs, complaints...

  • Information provided by Age Scotland

    Should I Move? Housing Choices for Older People

    This book provides valuable assistance to older people by examining a range of alternative accommodation as well as help and support to remain in their own home. Also covers heating, insulation, impro...