Lydiate Lodge

Rock Lodge Park, Lynton, Devon EX35 6DN. Care home

Devon County Council

Owned by: Devon County Council

01598 753256

Owner's description

“Lydiate Lodge has 15 beds, 13 for long term care and 2 are respite beds”

Main facts

  • Care home
  • Conditions cared for: Older people generally / People with physical difficulties
  • Care period: Longer stay / Short stay and respite / Day care / Trial visits
  • This home accommodates 15 residents in 15 single rooms. It is purpose built and has a garden, and was registered in 2003
  • The home is in a rural location. Bus stop 250 yards; shop 250 yards; post office 250 yards; town centre 250 yards; GP 250 yards; social centre 250 yards;
  • There is a lot of flexibility about meals. Activities are arranged daily. There are opportunities to pursue hobbies. Smokers are not accepted
  • Cost: From £594 pwk. Local Authority rates accepted

Info updated: 14/06/2011. Update info

Comments about Lydiate Lodge

My mother went to Lydiate Lodge for two weeks respite, last June, because as her carer my health was suffering. After this time we talked to mum along with a social worker and mum said she wanted to stay!! How easy did mum make it for her family! She started to count off on her fingers the benefits of being at Lydiate Lodge and she genuinely ran out of fingers for the nice things she had to say about the place. The front of the building is most unimposing, but once inside you are surrounded by care, help, humour, gentleness and the feeling of being within a family.My praise cannot be too high. I went to a meeting in September, open to all relatives and friends to discuss coming events etc . The meeting was about to start and a lovely resident said in a lovely strong voice " Before we start, can I say I have been here for 5 years and I cannot find a single thing to complain about. I am so happy here!!" What she thought the meeting was for I don't know.....But she firmly stated her feelings. I cannot express my thanks and praise strongly enough. The team that work there are just gems, all bringing warmth and possibly love to work. They always have time for all the residents, if you ask for assistance with a health procedure, you never get a big sigh and a glum look. It's always "I will be right there". They are wonderful people that work there and the contented and happy residents that are so well cared for is a testament to them. Home made food, care by the bucket load, everywhere spotless and happy smiling people. It's all at Lydiate Lodge. I am sorry I cannot condense this into two sentences but I do feel very passionate about letting the powers that be know how good it is at this lovely little residential home at Lynton. You hear so many appalling stories when things are so wrong in care homes, I hope this redresses the balance. Sadly people will criticise but seldom praise. My beloved mum is safe, cared for, fed well and has some one there for her 24 hours a day. AND she is happy and content. She said the other day " I fell on my feet when I came here, I could not be in a better place at my age!!" I rest my case!!! P.S. We were there as the residents were gathering for Christmas lunch. The tables were so beautifully decorated, so much care taken. Lovely white linen cloths topped with crisp Christmas cloths, condiments in the shape of Christmas figures, the food looked beautiful in the kitchen..... I could see from where I stood. They always go the extra mile to make things as good as possible ...... I hope they know how much appreciated they all are. Yours faithfully and gratefully Stephanie Lowe 08/01/2013Stephanie (relative of someone who lives/lived here)reply

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Rock Lodge Park, Lynton, Devon EX35 6DN

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