Woodhouse Court

Sheffield Street, Quarry Bank, Brierley Hill, West Midlands, DY5 1EB. Extra care housing

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

Managed by: Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

Email your enquiry or 0300 555 2345

Manager's description

“Woodhouse Court is a housing with care scheme, managed by Dudley Council's directorate of adult, community and housing services. Our aim is to prvide quality housing combined with personal support packages tailored to the needs of each individual tenant. The objective being to maximise tenant independence. Tenants can receive support from scheme staff at any time of day, to suit their own particular needs.

The scheme is a two-story building built in 1985 which comprises 38 one bedroom flats (3 of which have been specially adapted for wheelchair users). The flats are built in 2 rows around a wide paved area known as "The Street" which has an attractive glass roof. All way along the street are raised garden beds, shrubs and trees, where tenants and friends can gather together for a chat. Each property is centrally heated and double glazed.

The main entrance door to the building is permanently locked, providing a secure environment and all tenants have keys, ensuring their independence. The scheme also has the benefit of CCTV”

Main facts

  • Extra care housing
  • 38 flats. Built in 1985. Sizes 1 bedroom
  • Housing With Care scheme with on-site care staff (24 hours / 7 days), resident management staff and community alarm service
  • Lift, lounge, laundry, guest facilities, garden
  • Regular social activities include socials, lunch club twice weekly
  • Rent (social landlord)
  • Care provider: Dudley Council

Info updated: 29/07/2014. Update info


Check with Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council - none notified to EAC.

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Residents’ views

Not available - The residents have not taken part in the EAC National Housing for Older People Awards, or used the EAC Residents Consultation Service (RCS).

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  • Woodhouse Court 
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Sheffield Street, Quarry Bank, Brierley Hill, West Midlands, DY5 1EB

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