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Extra care housing and assisted living homes directory in the UK

Find extra care housing or an assisted living community in our retirement properties directory for elderly people specialising in housing with care in the UK.

.... or alternatively browse for assisted living centres by area below:

Assisted living / extra care housing in England

Assisted living / extra care housing in Scotland

Assisted living / extra care housing in Wales

Assisted living / extra care housing in Northern Ireland

About assisted living centres & extra care housing

Our directory contains all forms of specialist sheltered and retirement housing for elderly people providing additional care services sometimes comparable to those available in care homes.

Some assisted living homes only facilitate the delivery of elderly care services. Extra care housing, housing-with-care and assisted living include different models of housing with care services for elderly people, from small close care bungalows adjacent to a care home, to medium size and large retirement villages, assisted living communities or care villages. Extra care housing for seniors exists in the public, voluntary and private sectors, provided by local authorities, housing associations, private companies, charities and trusts.