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Do you wish to discuss any of these services? Contact EAC on 020 7820 1682 or email alex.billeter@eac.org.uk

Update your free listing on this website

The Care Home Directory on this website includes all 12,500 registered care homes in the UK that provide personal or nursing care for elderly people. There is no charge whatesover to appear in the Directory. This is a free public service - so make sure your own home is included!

Adding a new care home

Click here to download our Care Home Questionnaire, complete it and return it to EAC.

You can also contact us by emailing val.gorter@eac.org.uk or telephoning 020 7820 3755 to ask for one or more Care Home Questionnaires.

Updating care home details

Click here to use of Care Home Search. Select Search by postcode, enter your home's postcode and click Search. Click View details to see the full information we have about your home. Look down the page for the blue Update info link and click this. 

Beyond the basics

Photographs will add life to our presentation of your home - email us one in electronic format if you can. If you also have a brochure in electronic format (MS Word or PDF), we will make that available too. All part of our unique free service!

Contacting us

Just email to val.gorter@eac.org.uk or phone us on 020 7820 3755