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Sharing your home

Homesharing is a simple way of people helping each other. One person has a home that they are willing to share but are at a stage in their life where they need some help and support. The other needs accommodation and is willing to give some help in exchange for somewhere to live.

Homeshare is the name of a specific way of going about sharing your home, promoted by the charity NAAPS. 

How is Homeshare different?

Many housing and/or support services inadvertently place the user of the services in the position of “recipient” and the people who provide that service in the powerful position of “provider”. However hard people try and minimise this obvious power imbalance it is always part of the arrangement and can affect the way the service is provided and received. With Homeshare both the Householder and the Homesharer are gaining from the arrangement and both feel valued and respected for whatever they are contributing. This allows them to enter the arrangement with dignity and enthusiasm.

Who runs Homeshare?

Homeshare is run by a Homeshare Programme that employs a Homeshare Co-ordinator. The Co-ordinator has the task of finding suitable Householders and Homesharers and introducing them to each other. Co-ordinators also provide any help and support that the Householder or Homesharer need in order to keep the Homeshare arrangement working well for both parties.

Homeshare in the UK

There are currently a dozen Homeshare Programmes running in England covering the following areas:

  • Cumbria (Carlisle and Eden districts)
  • East Sussex
  • London (Greater)
  • Oxfordshire
  • Somerset (Bristol City, Bath & NE Somerset and Mendip districts)
  • Wiltshire
  • Worcestershire

More information about local homeshare services

Getting Homeshare going in your area

If you would like to set up a Homeshare programme in your area:
NAAPS has been given project funding by the Department of Health to try and develop Homeshare. An early part of this work has been to try and define best practice within Homeshare and to produce a Practice Guide which can be accessed as a free download by anyone interested in setting up or running a Homeshare programme.