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Staying put - Living independently

Elderly, and old, people can do much to achieve this. Below we consider some of the things older people have identified as important to make it possible to ‘stay put’ comfortably, and point you towards reading materials that provide provide tips on how to maintain independence as we get older.

Help to Stay Put (England)

Personal security & safety

This involves generally feeling safe at home and in your neighbourhood and knowing your home is secure when you are out. For independent living tips about personal security and safety we recommend you read:

Your safety : Preventing accidents in the home

Your security : Personal safety at home and in the street

Read about Homesharing if you would like the comfort of having help at hand if you ever needed it.

Property condition, costs, management, comfort

How do you feel about the condition of your home, inside and out, and your garden (if you have one)? Is it suitable for independent living? How you are managing and paying for any repairs and maintenance to the property, rent or mortgage costs, council tax, and so on. How comfortable is your home is to live in and can you heat it properly? 

Home repairs and improvements

Help in your home

Keep Warm Keep Well - A Guide for People Over 60

Home Improvement Agencies are local not-for-profit organisations that can help you repair, improve or adapt your home.

Click here to find your nearest Home Improvement Agency

Property location and suitability

  • Whether you like the area you live in
  • Whether you have too little, or too much, contact with neighbours
  • How easily you can get out and about
  • How easily family and friends can visit you
  • Whether your home is too big, or too small

Wellbeing and quality of life

  • Is your home a good base for your activities and interests?
  • Do you have as much company as you wish?
  • Do you feel you can live there as long as you wish (and not have to face moving later)?

Housing: adapting your home to stay independent

Equipment for Daily Living


Weighing it all up - Independent living for older people

Housing Options: Your housing choices is a short but comprehensive guide by Help the Aged to housing options for older people. Whether you want to stay put, or are thinking about a move, it aims to help you review all the options available.

Housing Options : Your housing choices

EAC’s Housing Appraisal Tool is a simple question and answer technique to help you think about different aspects of your home and how you live in it, identify problems and reflect on which ones matter most. An online version also offers practical suggestions for solving any problems you identify.

Paper version of the Housing Appraisal Tool

EACs Housing Options for Older People Tool (HOOP)

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