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Brighstone Grange - Isle of Wight.
Brightstone Grange - Isle of Wight, Brightstone Grange, Brightstone, Isle of Wight, PO30 4DZ (view on a map).
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What does it do?
Provides an opportunity for people to socialise in a relaxed and informal setting. The service can provide transport, facilities to bathe with fully trained staff to help, opportunities to have a homemade lunch and tea and the chance to join in with activities that are being held on certain days.

Who it is for?

Provides day care for older and vulnerable people. Families and friends who normally have responsibilities for the care of loved ones will be able to take a well earned break or just pop out for a few hours to do some shopping or visit some friends.

Where it is available?

Local service covering: Isle of Wight (Isle of Wight).

What it costs:

The charge for Day Care is variable depending on which of the services you require. A typical full day to include pick-up, bath, lunch and return home would cost £35.00 per day

How to access or apply for it:

Please contact Wendy Dickson on tell: 01983 740236, fax: 01983 740472 or e-mail: wendydickson_bcl@hotmail.com.

Additional information:

This service is available from Monday to Friday, providing there is spaces. The service is currently registered for 7-day spaces each day.


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Brighstone Grange - Isle of Wight