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Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council.
Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council - Libraries.

What does it do?
You can borrow books (standard or large print or spoken on cassette) & music CD's. Items will be chosen by the staff to reflect your
tastes and you may request particular titles & subjects. A range of community information leaflets is also available.

Who it is for?

Who is the service for ?
The Home Library Service is for people who are residents of Dudley Borough, who are confined to their own home & who don't have anyone to go to the local library for them. We also provide a service to people in residential homes and day centres.

Where it is available?

Local service covering: Dudley (West Midlands).

What it costs:

Free of charge

How to access or apply for it:

How do I get the service to visit me ?
You can telephone the Home Library Service, leave a message & a member of staff will contact you; or, you can contact your local library &
they will pass a message to the Home Library Service; or contact us using our online form. A member of staff will contact you & make an appointment to visit you at home.

What to expect then:

Then what happens ?
Important: Check the Library Assistant's identification before letting them in.
The assistant will talk to you about the books & music that you like. They will tell you about the Home Library Service & will also ask
for some more information about you. They will also tell you when you can expect your first visit.


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