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EAC Home Services Directory

The directory is a new service from EAC which aims to promote a wide range of services that help older people maintain their independence and quality of life at home.

What does it do?

The Directory is fully searchable by service type and location, and is accessible via EAC’s websites HousingCare.org and FirstStopAdvice.org.uk, with others to follow.

All relevant service providers are invited to contribute, including statutory authorities, not-for-profit organisations and private companies.

All contributors are expected to provide information in standard format, but additional descriptive text, photos and logos are also welcome.

Note for the building and related trades: the Directory is not a list of 'approved' or 'trusted' companies; please register instead with your local Home Improvement Agencies and Local Authorities.


What does it cost?

All entries are completely free this year.

When the Directory has become fully established we may introduce charges for larger commercial enterprises.



How to register

Click here to signup (or the big green button below), and provide us with brief details of your organisation.

We will then activate your account, and contact you if necessary.

+ Signup HERE

Coming soon...

  • Download service provider brochures
  • Videos
  • PDF reporting
  • Apply for / register interest in services online
  • ‘Featured service’ prominence
  • Opportunities for supplementary advertising
  • Opportunities for sponsorship of the Home Services Directory and/or other areas of the HousingCare and FirstStop Advice websites and downloads