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Information on: pets (5)

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Keywords: pets5 results

  • Information provided by Cinnamon Trust

    They All Need Help

    Information and advice for elderly owners of pets on services offered by The Cinnamon Trust, e.g. practical help on day-to-day care of pets, fostering, long term care for....

  • The Blue Cross website

    Website of The Blue Cross, the pets charity. They offer to find homes for pets, offer a Pet Bereavement Support Service, & veterinary treatment for pet owners on means te....

  • Information provided by Pets As Therapy

    Pets As Therapy

    This organisation arranges theraputic visits to hospitals, care homes and similar institutions, by volunteers with their own friendly, temperament-tested and vaccinated d....

  • Information provided by Cinnamon Trust

    The Cinnamon Trust

    The Cinnamon Trust provides practical help on day-to-day care of pets and fostering and long term care for pets whose owners have moved to residential accommodation. The....

  • Cats Protection website

    Charity website providing advice & information about cats, & their services that include how to adopt or rehouse a cat and possible financial help with neutering a cat an....