Wills and Trusts

1. What are they?

A Will allows you to decide how your property is used and distributed after your death. Making a Will is about providing for loved ones after your death and making sure that your wishes are carried out with clarity and efficiency.

2. Why you should have one?

A properly drawn up Will can:

  • Ensure your assets pass to the people or charities you want
  • Avoid disputes and make your wishes clear
  • Protect assets from care fees
  • Minimise Inheritance Tax
  • Appoint Guardians for your children under 18
  • Provide for your partner if you are not married

If you die intestate (without making a Will) this can cause anxiety and confusion to those left behind. The law ensures that spouses and children are provided for where possible from whatever money, property and possessions a person leaves when they die after any debts have been settled. This can take time to sort out, during which your loved ones may not be sure where they stand. The assets are divided between the surviving spouse and children and it may not be what you would want. The first £250,000 of your estate passes to your spouse and anything left over is divided between the spouse and the children on a trust.

If you are not married then the law views your partner as a friend and they may not receive any provision, leaving them in financial difficulties.

3. How we can help

We can advise you on the best way to make a Will which reflects your wishes, avoids complications and protects your assets, ensuring that you make the right choices for your loved ones.

We aim to prepare the Will as quickly as possible and can provide a same day service in urgent cases. We will visit clients at home and in hospitals. Our fees include all attendances, drafting and storage in our Wills safe.

Please complete the online form or call the advice line on 0800 377 70 70 for further information.