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Schedule of Fees for FirstStop Advice Legal Services

1. Simple Will
Mirror simple Wills
£80 plus VAT
£120 plus VAT
2. Power of Attorney £50 plus VAT
3. Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)*


Making and registering a single LPA


Making and registering both types of LPA


Making and registering both types for a couple


£300 plus VAT


£500 plus VAT


£700 plus VAT
4. Registration of Enduring Power of Attorney £100 plus VAT plus disbursements
5. Deputyship Application on an hourly rate of £150 to a maximum of £1,200 for non- contentious work plus VAT plus disbursements
6. Trusts simple
Trusts complex
£250 plus VAT
£500 plus VAT
7. Probate 2% of the value of the Estate, plus VAT plus disbursements or on an hourly rate of £150 plus VAT plus disbursements
8. Conveyancing Property Values up to £250,000 - £500 plus VAT plus disbursements. Properties valued at more than £250,000 between £500 and £1000 plus VAT plus disbursements
9. Severance of Joint Tenancy and registration of the same £130 plus VAT
10. Title changes £220 plus VAT

Travel charges for personal visits will be advised on application.

*These fees are fixed fee, including all time spent with clients by our solicitors who will provide full advice on the effects of making the LPAs along with aftercare advice to attorneys and clients during the first two months after registration of the LPA.