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Information provided by Age UK

In the driving seat

Although your licence entitlement will expire when you turn
70, this doesn’t automatically mean you have to stop driving – you’ll just need to apply to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to renew it every three years. The renewal form should be sent to you automatically by the DVLA and renewal is free of charge.

However, some medical conditions that older people sometimes develop may affect your driving ability, and you must report certain conditions to the DVLA, whatever your age. Often there will be a way to help you to carry on driving,
although in some cases you may have to stop. This guide covers your legal obligations, as well as information about declaring medical conditions, tips on ensuring you drive safely, and adaptations that can help this. It also gives
advice about how to decide when it’s time to stop and find alternative ways to get out and about.

Throughout this guide you will find suggestions for organisations that can offer further information and advice about your options.

Publisher: Age UK

Published date: 2013

Length: 36pp
Available in PDF formatFREEDownload

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