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Standards of Almshouse Management

A Guide to Good Practice covering governance, administration, staff, health and safety, financial management, residents, buildings and grounds, funding and project, the role of the Homes and Communities Agency.

Today, there are over 1700 independent almshouse charities providing homes for around 35,000 residents throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The Standards of Almshouse Management (SAM) is produced by The Almshouse Association to provide advice on governance and best practice to its member charities. The manual has also been prepared in conjunction with the Charity Commission (CC).

Almshouse charities provide accommodation for those in need within a defined beneficiary group which is derived from the wishes of the benefactor and expressed in the Objects of the Charity as set out in the Scheme (governing document). The Charity Commission has the authority to amend the Scheme if it is considered that the original objects are no longer relevant due to changed circumstances. This is known as a Cy-Pres situation. The land upon which the almshouses lie is referred to as Specie Land for which special considerations apply.

Publisher: Almshouse Association

Published date: 2014

Editor: As Publisher
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